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Men & Women's
Full Body Waxing and Sugar

$40- Facial Wax
       Full face includes hairline,                       brows, sideburns, lip, chin,                       cheeks, jaw & nose

$50 - Luxe Full Facial Wax
       Full face wax as well as                             soothing serum & calming

**Womens ONLY wax/sugar services**
$75/85 - Classic Brazilian
$85/95 - Luxe Brazilian
     Includes steam, dry brush
       exfoliation, soothing growth                   inhibitor lotion & anti-ingrown 
       serum, finished with high                         frequency.
$35/45 - Bikini
$25/30 - Sweet Cheeks
**Womens ONLY wax services**
$15 - Brow
$6 - Nose 
$6 - Lip
$6 - Chin
$50/$60 - Chest
$6/$75 - Back
$30 -Stomach
$25/$35 - Under Arms 
$40/$50 - Half Legs
$80/$90 - Full Legs
$15 - Neck
$25 - Shoulders
$30 - Half Arms
​$50 - Full Arms
$30 - Combo
        Eyebrows, Lip, Chin
Sugaring Services:
add 5-10$
Not available for all services, see booking site for all available options.
Wax Removal

Offering only the best in wax products & services. Utilizing three different types of wax (Hard Wax, Soft Wax, and Sugar) to ensure the easiest and most effective hair removal possible. Each wax is infused with essential oils and botanicals to soften, soothe, and moisturize the skin. Tea Tree oils provide antibacterial properties for less reactions, Rose and Lavender calm and soothe, while Kukui Nut oil moisturizes. 

The Body Bar Hawaii Prides itself in the techniques and products used during each and every service. Cleanliness is top priority when it comes to the health and safety of each and every client that comes through the door. That's why you'll have peace of mind while getting very intimate and delicate services done here. Along with aftercare instructions to ensure your wax service gets the best results, post wax products are also offered for retail to minimize in-grown hairs, and maximize results! 

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