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Classic Extensions



Ellipse (Flat)


These are the original eyelash extensions. Round in shape with a deep taper to the ends, like a stiletto heel, these are the most "Natural-Looking" of the extensions. The Stiletto gives the illusion of 1 - 2 coats of mascara, without all the hassle. 

Ellipse lashes are elliptical in shape, and are also known as flat lashes. This refers to the actual shape of the extension itself and not the curl. Because these extensions are wider than the Stiletto there is more surface area to bond the extension too, as well as see. The ends of ellipse lashes are more blunt, and have less taper than the Stiletto. This gives the illusion of thicker lashes, with less weight. Also because of the wider visual appearance this creates a bolder and more defined look. I carry two different widths of Ellipse lashes which can create anywhere from natural to bold visual effects.

Get the best of both worlds with this set. Incorporating both the classic & volume technique, this set gives you fullness and definition. Hybrid extensions are great for those who don't have a whole lot of lashes to work with, but want the illusion of full fluffy lashes. These are also a great alternative to full volume by mixing the density of volume with the definition of classics. Additional $25

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