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Frequently Asked Questions

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How should I prepare for my treatment?

You should come to your wax session with freshly cleansed skin. It is recommended that you exfoliate the area being waxed the morning or night before. Avoid exfoliating immediately before the session as it may lead to more easily damaged skin and irritation. If your hair is is longer than 1/2 inch, it is recommended that you trim it, not shorter than 1/4 inch. Charges might apply if a trimming is necessary. Avoid any lotions or moisturizer to the area prior to treatment, as it may clog the pores and cause for a poor removal.


What should I wear to my treatment?

Loose cotton should be worn to avoid any aggravation to the skin after your treatment, if it’s for your legs some loose pants or shorts. If you're having a Brazilian done I'd suggest bringing some clean underwear, preferably boy shorts, or go commando (wearing a maxi dress or skirt is best for this option because of the full coverage and comfort). You will want something that is not too tight or nothing at all, avoid wearing a thong or g-string underwear, as the seams may rub and cause irritation. 

What exactly gets covered in a Brazilian wax?

Everything! The "mound", center (Labia Majora) & between the cheeks - unless otherwise requested... if you want to leave a strip or other shape please let me know prior to the service!  

What is the difference between a Brazilian wax and a bikini wax?
Brazilian takes it all off. Bikini wax does the the outer area lining your V, basically whatever falls outside of your bathingsuit (bikini) line, with this you have the option to do traditional bikini up to a high and tight at no extra cost. 


Does this type of waxing hurt?

It can be painful, but this can be minimized by using a special wax (Brazilian hard wax) that does not adhere to the skin. Many clients say that it is not as bad as they imagined it would be. Also, taking Advil or ibuprofen 30 minutes prior to your appointment help reduce redness and swelling.

How long after a Brazilian wax should you wait before you can tan?
Avoid sunbathing, going to the beach, or gym as well as using self-tanners or the tanning bed for at least 24 hours before and after a Brazilian wax. 

How long after shaving do I need to wait for Brazilian wax?
You will need to wait a minimum of two weeks, or have at least 1/4 inch growth in order for the wax to have enough hair to grab onto. 

How long should my hair be?
It should be long enough for the wax to grab. I would say about 1/2 inch for initial services, or 1/4 inch for veteran waxers.

How often should I get a Brazilian?
Every 3 to 4 weeks until the hair growth evens out. As you come in for your waxing on a regular basis you will see a more even growth pattern and once this occurs you can wait up to 4 -6 weeks in between sessions.  

Brazilian Wax: How long does it last before hair starts to grow out?
On your first visits you may see some growth right away, but this is normal. Once you get on a regular waxing schedule it usually takes between 4-6 weeks to grow back but it grows back much softer and finer. Its different for everyone so this can vary.  

Is there any way to avoid the discomforts involved in a Brazilian?
If you are very sensitive in the bikini area take an Advil 30 minutes before your appointment, you can also purchase numbing cream and apply it at least 30-45 minutes prior to service. This will ensure that the product has enough time to penetrate into the skin and activate. If using a numbing cream, be sure only to apply it to the areas being waxed, and make sure that you inform the provider you have applied the product.






Eyelash Extensions

What is the difference between the types of Sets: Classic - Hybrid - Russian Volume?

Classic sets are applied using only one extension per natural lash. How ever many lashes you naturally have is the maximum amount of extensions that can be applied. Classic extensions give the most natural look, resembling eyelashes with mascara applied. 


The hybrid set uses both the Classic and Volume technique. This sets gives you the same definition as the Classic set with the added volume (density) of the Russian technique. Double the amount of extensions as the Classic set, the Hybris is still natural looking while bumping it up a notch. By alternating the thicker Classic extension with the finer 3D Volume extensions, the XL ends up giving you fuller fluffier look. 


Russian Volume takes lash extensions to a whole new level. Using a special technique with specially designed extensions, the Russian Volume sets will give you 3-5 times more extensions than the Classic set. By fanning out 3-6 ultra fine extensions this is by far the thickest and most glamorous set available. Your natural eyelashes will determine what dimension of extensions you're capable of going: 3-6 extensions per natural lash. 


Which set will work the best for me?

The extensions that will work best depend on a few factors: Lifestyle, Exposure to the environment, Maintenance, and how many lashes you have. A consultation will be conducted prior to application to determine which one will best suit you and your needs. 


How often do I need to get my extensions touched up?

It's just like getting your nails done, your eyelashes have a growth cycle of about 100 - 120 days. To keep them looking lush and full, you should get your extensions "touched-up." As your eyelashes naturally shed, your extensions will too. Environmental and lifestyle conditions will also determine how often you should get your extension touch-ups to keep them looking beautiful. Average wear time between touch-ups is about 3 weeks, but can vary depending on growth, lifestyle, and home care.

So, I have my extensions - Now what?

Now that you have your beautiful lashes, the most important thing to do next is properly care for them. After your Initial appointment you will receive an aftercare card that you can take home to ensure your lashes last as long as possible. Just remember - if you have any questions at all - please do not hesitate to call: 808.344.5127! 






Company Policies


If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance. This allows enough time to call someone on the wait list, or book another client for that time slot. If you need to call after business hours to cancel please leave a text or voice message at 808.344.5127. You may also email your cancellations to: The Body Bar Hawaii also has an online booking system that allows access to your appointments 24/7 - rescheduling and cancelling appointments can be done through the booking system at any time for your convenience. However, because there is a 24 hour cancellation/reschedule policy, your appointment will be "locked" if you try to cancel or reschedule within the 24 hours. To access your appointments through the booking system, refer to your confirmation email, or log in to the website through the "book now" button at the top of the page.


Last minute Cancellations/No Shows
Rescheduling or advance notice of a cancellations are permitted. In the event of a no-show or cancellation that is less than 24 hours a missed
booking fee will be invoiced of $25 or: 1st Offense - 25% of service, 2nd Offense - 50% of service, 3rd Offense - 100% of service, whichever is greater. This invoice will need to be paid in order to schedule any future appointments. The refusal of payment will result in a refusal of service, and all future appointments will be cancelled. Of course, i realize there may be emergencies or mix-ups, so please just let me know the situation so I can work it out with you. HOWEVER - there will be NO EXCEPTIONS during busy season: October-December, or within the upcoming week of major holidays (Valentine's Day, Independence Day, etc). If a client repeatedly (3 or more) cancels with less than 24-hour notice OR no-shows their appointments they may be asked to either: prepay for the service next time, or pay for both services at the next appointment. Prepaid appointments due to last minute cancellations or no-shows are non-refundable. If no next appointment is scheduled, an invoice


Late Arrivals 
A grace period of 15 minutes will be allowed for your appointment as long as you notify the service provider of your tardiness. If you are late more than 15 minutes, your appointment will be cancelled, marked as a no-show and rescheduled at your request. This ensures that all clients have adequate time for their services. For lash services only: all late arrivals will result in time taken out of your appointment, for example, if you're scheduled for a 60 minute touch-up and you are 15 minutes late, your appointment duration will only be 45 minutes.


Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted. Gratuity may be added onto a credit card, or by cash.


Any type of check (personal, business or otherwise) is not accepted as a form of payment.


Products: Ineffective or damaged products are available for exchanges only. No refunds will be given on any opened products. Items eligible for exchange must be exchanged within 30 days of purchase. Must be exchanged for item of equal or lesser value, no cash refund will be given for product exchanged for lesser value.
Services:  No refunds will be given on services rendered. I understand that the unforeseeable consequences of an unknown allergy may result in the removal of eyelash extensions, or adverse skin reaction, this is why intake forms and consent agreements made prior to service are specifically for this purpose. However, with that being said, Client satisfaction is my main goal. I ask any unsatisfied customer to notify me of your complaint within 24-48 hours of service. Once the complaint is documented and reviewed, a decision will be made to ensure customer satisfaction & business integrity. I reserve the right to determine what resolution will be given and the client will be notified of decision within 72 hours of complaint received.

Eyelash Extensions
Company Policies
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